blaiseI have had the honor of being a training advisor to Rick Ray & his students. Rick is a very knowledgeable & capable teacher / fighter. His open-mindedness is sincere & his thirst for his Truth in combat is admirable. He’s a no-nonsense fellow who shoots straight & doesn’t waste his time with politics or ego trips. He is humble & loyal. In my opinion Rick’s positive attitude & hard-work ethic makes him a great teacher, an awesome student and a true Friend.

-Blaise Loong (http://www.blayshalla.com/Blaise/MainFrame/MainFrame.htm)

“I edhave been working with Rick Ray now for a couple of years and in that time have worked also with his students. His students are learning very well which is always a reflection of their teacher. Rick has had a lot of real life experience and it shows in what he teaches his students! If you are in the Cleveland area and get the chance to train with Rick, take it! Don’t pass that opportunity by.”

-Ed Martin 15th dan Dai Shihan (one of 10 in the world at the time of this writing)

23325_4762942425147_234804863_nI visited Rick’s dojo in Cleveland first time few years ago and found a dedicated, devoted and passionate group of great people. Since then I’m following the dojo, and visit the place when I’m around. It is clear that this place takes training seriously, looking for the practical side of things while keeping open mind and never stops exploring. A great group of people with a great teacher – big fighters with big heart – a place to get better yourself.

-Miky Rosner 15th dan Bujinkan Dojo Haifa Israel

jon“I have had the pleasure of knowing Rick Ray for many years now. During that time I’ve come to know him as a highly skilled martial artist and an excellent teacher. Rick’s passion for learning, training, and teaching is as rare as it is infectious and can be seen in the development and character of his students. I am proud to call him a friend and martial arts brother!”

– Jon Haas, Founder Warrior Fitness Training Systems and Bujinkan 9th dan

terry“Having known Rick Ray for almost two decades, I have had the opportunity to train with him and the pleasure of seeing him teach as well. His dedication to helping his students grow is inspiring. He’s teaching ability is second to none, having refined his skills over many years. His character is honest, caring, loyal and sincere on and off the mat. I highly recommend his school and him to anyone interested in learning Martial arts.”

-Terry Ham (Bujinkan Shidoshi)

mikeI am a gym owner in Parma who competes in both powerlifting and strongman competitions and always have had an interest in all aspects of athletics and fitness! Recently I began attending Sensei Rick’s Combat Submission Wrestling (CSW) classes, and have found the classes to be very well structured, informative, and a physical challenge!!!

Sensei Rick is very knowledgeable, passionate, dedicated, and committed to Martial Art education and instruction. Sensei Rick has truly mastered his chosen craft and is a top notch instructor and person! In class, Sensei Rick recognizes that everyone is unique and may require different physical and fitness needs during his sessions. His instruction and adaptations in classes makes him a true professional in his chosen craft. Sensei Rick creates a safe, friendly, and enjoyable environment.

I can attest that Sensei Rick is a phenomenal and true professional in the Martial Arts Industry. Through attending his classes, I am in much greater cardiovascular and physical shape, while learning a new craft!!

Most importantly, I consider Rick Ray a great friend of mine.

-Dr. Michael R. Lewis Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Tiffan University, Ultimate Fitness, Owner Author, A Stronger Approach to Fitness

SheldonRick’s methods and approach to training is based completely in reality. If you’re ready to get some quality time on the mat, and learn useful skills in the process, then Rick’s your guy! He has a welcoming and resolute spirit that shows in the character and quality of his students. Highly recommended for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

-Sheldon Rhoads 5th Dan, Bujinkan Buyu Dojo,  7th Psychological Operations Group and 10th Psychological Operations Battalion


The warrior arts academy has literally saved my life several times! ,it’s definitely intense training but there’s patience in the dojo! And I vouch for sensai any day of the week, I’ve recommended this training to many different people!

-Andrew Simone (Armed security Cleveland Housing projects)




“I have been training with Sensei Ray for several years now and I can tell you he’s the real deal. I have studied various martial arts in the past but never to the superior level of instruction I have received since training at his school. This isn’t your everyday martial arts, this is true War Craft. I’ve learned outstanding hand to hand, weapons and combat agility and tactics. I also really enjoy the way Sensei blends centuries old traditions and modern schools of combat into his training. All this in a friendly, non intimidating environment.”

-Christopher DePenti (Vice President Key Bank Accounting, NRA certified firearms instructor)



“If you want to learn how to fight, go to Rick Ray’s Warrior Arts Academy. i am a retired Sheriff’s Corrections Officer and can testify what Rick teaches works!”

-Leo Napoli (Correction Officer Cuyahoga Count Jail Ret. Hospital Security Parma Hospital)



mike l

“Rick is well versed in traditional and modern styles of martial arts. His experience is backed by years of dedicated training and real world application. He is always reaching for the next rung on the ladder of excellence, and strives to create and provide meaningful content for his students. “

-Michael Lemieux, Cpl. and Adjunct Instructor at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland Law Enforcement Unit

lee“As a father of two young boys who are learning different aspects of the martial arts under the training of Rick Ray, I can honestly say that they are improving on multiple levels. Discipline, attitudes and confidence are all attributes I can see improving in my sons every week after training. The great experience with this teacher and dojo continues to the one on one interaction between teacher, students and parents. I recommend this dojo highly.”

-Lee Jones (welder)

andrew“Training with Rick Ray is one of the best decision I have ever made. If learning martial arts from a great Sensei that really knows and cares about what he is teaching then you have come to the right place. Since training with Rick I have gained a enormous amount of confidence and humbleness in every aspect of my life. I recommend Rick and his Dojo to everyone interested in martial arts. It’s a great workout too!”

-Andrew Kilgore (Head of Security Shooters on The Water)

jessicaI have been with Rick for a couple of years now and he runs an excellent school. He offers great training and does an extra ordinary job of teaching. He doesn’t just instruct on how to do techniques, he gives the reasons WHY a technique is done a certain way, both from a physical aspect and a historical one. I have been to different schools and finding that type of instruction is RARE! I am physically stronger, more mobile, and my martial arts has more depth than ever since I started training with Rick. I highly recommend coming to his classes.

-Jessica Wall