Some of us at Miky Rosner seminar
Some of us at Miky Rosner seminar

Thank you for visiting our site. We have included in our public site all you need to know about who we are, what we do, what we expect from our students and if we can help you attain your goals. Please explore all of our public site (we also have a private student section here where we upload teaching material, videos and all sorts of useful tools to help our students progress) and if you are intrigued by what you see, please reach out to us and try our week trial program (unlimited classes for one week) for FREE!

So let’s begin by going over some frequently asked questions…

WE DO NOT TEACH CHILDREN. We teach adults and teenagers (if they are mature) serious life protecting combatives. We are not baby sitters…

WE DO NOT TEACH MARTIAL ARTS AND CRAFTS. In other words we do not teach patty cake white uniform tag sparring to win plastic trophies. We also do not teach forms nor compete in any tournaments that award performance in martial arts and crafts choreography. Some of our students wish to test themselves in submission grappling kick boxing or mma full contact events, but that is still not the focus of our school.

WE ONLY TALK PRICES FACE TO FACE AFTER YOUR TRIAL WEEK! We have no interest in window shoppers, part time students or those looking for the lowest prices around. While we are VERY inexpensive for the quality of instruction we offer, we do not discuss price until you physically experience what it is we do. That way you now have a frame of reference for the price we charge (which is very affordable). Also from our side, it has overwhelming been the case that people who are very concerned about price usually cannot afford training and we would rather weed those people out in the beginning.

WHAT DO YOU TEACH? We will go into more detail on each art we teach on the pages we have her on this site dedicated to the individual arts. But for now the short answer is:

Bujinkan Ninjutsu– (also known as Ninpo or Budo Taijutsu) while there are many schools out there that teach this art as a form of LARPING or in an unrealistic way, we teach a VERY combative version of the art the way it was taught in the “old days” our teacher has trained in the Bujinkan arts since 1982 longer than anyone in north-east ohio by far. If you think you know Bujinkan, think again and come see the difference.


HOW CAN TRAINING WITH YOUR ACADEMY HELP ME? We can promise you that by training with us, you will learn authentic functional martial arts, you will gain the ability to protect yourself and loved ones, gain confidence in yourself all while getting in great shape and restoring or improving your health. In addition you will make new friends and have a healthy social hobby, students report that training is also a huge stress relief.

IS IT SAFE? All contact activities have risk of injury, having said that, we have a great safety record and safety is our number one concern. We are very well trained and professional in how we run classes. We do not allow big ego’s or meat heads to train with us. We take care of each other.

WHAT MAKES YOUR SCHOOL DIFFERENT? Well first of all our teacher has dedicated his entire life to the perfection of combatives training and helping empower others. The collection of these rare authentic lineages is very hard to find under one roof, our teacher has trained all around the world and continues to train with only the top people in their fields. While it’s easy to find strip mall karate schools and sports schools, it is very rare to find true combatives schools. The best way to find out how we are different is to try us out. See for yourself what it’s like to learn under a person who has 45 years of training under his belt.

WHO IS YOUR TEACHER AND WHAT IS HIS EXPERIENCE AND RANK? Our teacher is Rick Ray, he has training in martial arts since 1972 and has various ranks from many different martial arts. There is a full write up in the section of this site entitled “our teacher”.

This section will grow as we continue to get more of these questions from potential students. To find out even more about us, please explore the available links, or if you are interested to see what we are like in person contact us to set up your trial week. Why wait? if you made it this far and like what you are reading take that step and reach out to us. We are here to help you reach all of your combatives goals!