Bujinkan Ninpo/Budo Taijutsu (also called Ninjutsu) is a collection of fighting concepts and techniques originally derived from nine classical Japanese (authentic Ninja and Samurai) warrior systems taught to Hatsumi Masaaki by Takamatsu Toshitsugu.

Takamatsu sensei was a man who had seen his share of violence and had actually taken the life of many men using his art. He taught the essence of how to survive real danger and how to live a balanced healthy life to Hatsumi sensei who then shares these teachings with the world through his Bujinkan organization











Over the years the Bujinkan organization has changed a lot, and there are many types of practitioners within it. Some learned by video (yes as silly as that sounds its true) some are doing nothing more than pretending to be in an anime and some have combined tree hugging hipster vegan love fests with what was once real warrior training.

Here at Bujinkan Makoto Dojo (the name of the Bujinkan branch of RRWAA) we keep it old school. Our teacher Shidoshi Rick Ray (5th degree black belt) started training in 1982 back when the Bujinkan in the united states was more paramilitary. We trained in BDU’s and fatigues, we trained out doors, we trained hostage situations and modern weapons and we trained hard core hand to hand no fluff combat!

If you are looking for a school that teaches the old style real fighting Bujinkan arts by a man that continues to use this art in real life conflict, then look no further! We are about hard work and pressure testing, no easy belts!

Contact us today and see what a true hard core fighting system the Bujinkan really is.