( Must be 14 yrs. and above)



1: the art of war:knowledge and skill in the conduct of military operations


Hand to Hand and Weapons Training






Our schedule changes from time to time so sometimes the schedule shown here.may be wrong. It is ALWAYS best for potential students to check with the Academy for the current schedule.

6-8 pm Ninjutsu ( A )
8-9:30 pm CSW
9:30-10 pm CSW Sparring

6-7 pm JKD
7-8:30 pm CSW
8:30-9:00 pm CSW Sparring

6-8 pm Ninjutsu ( B )
8-9 pm Kali

6-7:30 pm CSW
7:30-8 pm CSW Sparring
8-9 pm Kali

4-6pm Ninjutsu ( A )
6-7 pm JKD

2-4 pm Ninjutsu ( B )
4-6 pm Kali
6-7 pm JKD


Try It Out!

One week of unlimited classes free!

After your trial if you are interested in continuing, we have a variety of options to get you training, we only discuss ongoing prices face to face AFTER the trial week. No exceptions.

What Do We Teach ?

We will go into more detail on each art we teach on the pages we have her on this site dedicated to the individual arts. But for now the short answer is:

Bujinkan Ninjutsu– (also known as Ninpo or Budo Taijutsu) while there are many schools out there that teach this art as a form of LARPING or in an unrealistic way, we teach a VERY combative version of the art the way it was taught in the “old days” our teacher has trained in the Bujinkan arts since 1982 longer than anyone in north-east ohio by far. If you think you know Bujinkan, think again and come see the difference. VERY Rare and effective deep system.

Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do– Our teacher started studying JKD in the 1970’s via books and then began training with original Bruce Lee students in the early 1980’s we teach JKD as part of our phase program and we teach material from all eras of Bruce Lee’s life and development.

Wing Chun Gung Fu– also included in our phase program and mixed with JKD, our Wing Chun lineage comes mostly from Bruce Lee’s own lineage (his teachers and friends as well as what he taught his students).

Combat Submission Wrestling– we are an official affiliate training center for Erik Paulson’s CSW. CSW is a dynamic system of (no gi) grappling that will teach you how to get someone on the ground and beat them there via striking or submission.

STX Kick-boxing– we are also an official affiliate training center teaching Erik Paulson’s STX system of kick boxing, learn to combine the power of muay thai with the speed and accuracy of french savate and the proven power punching of boxing. Tie it all together with Bruce Lee’s JKD Kick Boxing and you have a system that will make you a deadly striker!

Kali-Escrima-Silat– coming mostly from the lineage of the great Dan Inosanto, or Kali program is a highly functional weapons and empty hand system. Jungle fighting, street fighting. A total system and probably the best stick and knife system in the world.

We teach authentic warrior systems from ancient Japan, China, South-east Asia and America. These systems were used by military elite (Samurai/Ninja) jungle tribes and modern American Street fighters like Bruce Lee.

Training with us will change your life!

Don’t waste time on “martial arts and crafts”!

Your common strip mall karate school is a pale comparison to the real warrior traditions from around the world! Silly things like breaking pine boards, rainbow belts and patty cake “point sparring” are useless in a real street fight! People playing at these schools are ill prepared for the violence of a brutal street altercation and this is proven time and time again! Don’t allow hucksters to take your money! Don’t trust your life or the life of a loved one to made up or sport techniques.

All of the material taught at our school is used daily around the world by military elite and first responders as well as every day people defending themselves against the violent thugs out there who have no regard for your life or property! Everything we teach has been used in real life by normal everyday people, you can do it too!

Trust Tradition!

Our oldest arts go back close to 1,000 years in unbroken lineage from teacher to student down to you. If an art has survived that long, then it must work! Many famous martial arts of today (Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, BJJ) were created only decades ago by people who did not have the real life experience of bloody life and death war. Trust the people who have been there and done that and continue to do so!


MMA is very popular nowadays and is a good sport with some very tough people in it. But its still a game and games have rules. Real life does not have rules. Techniques and strategies that will win a game could also get you killed in real life and the news around the world shows us this all the time.

Can YOU do it?

Beginners Welcome!


Our programs are expertly designed to take normal every day people and develop them into strong confident and capable people able to protect themselves and their loved ones when it really counts (In the street, home invasion, car jacking, terrorist attacks etc…) and results come FAST and last a lifetime!

Do I Have To Be In Shape?


We will get you into the best shape of your life faster than you thought possible! Having said that our techniques do not require strength and being in great condition in order to work.

Am I too old?

If you can walk, I can teach you to protect yourself. Real martial arts are not gymnastics and high kicks. YOU can do this! I’ll prove it to you!

Cross Cultural Training

We teach a variety of martial disciplines and cultures, no matter what your goals we can help you achieve them!

  • Ninjutsu (the art of the Ninja, the most complete system in existence today! The college of martial arts! Mind Body Spirit)

  • Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do (a pure street fighting system and system of self discovery developed by the legend Bruce Lee)

  • Kali Escrima Silat (Tribal war craft from south east Asia. Devastating weapon and empty hand system)

  • Combat Submission Wrestling (a hybrid grappling system that will get you in amazing shape FAST and teach you functional grappling for real life situations)

  • Warrior Fitness Training (a revolutionary system of conditioning for functional/tactical fitness. Prepare for LIFE)

How Do I Start?

Training is SAFE (no egos or knuckle heads) and carefully supervised so that you can gain all the benefits of training without the fear of injury, bullying or feeling self conscious. And training is FUN! We train in a relaxed environment with a great group of people from all walks of life, all the students support the other students and there is a real friendly family atmosphere.

The Hardest Test You Will Take


Contacting us. That first step takes bravery, stepping into the unknown, beginning a journey that will change your whole life for the better. You CAN do it!


Don’t waste time! Become healthy, strong, safe and confident today!

Fits your Schedule

We offer classes 7 days per week!

You are in Good hands!

Trust your training to Rick Ray who has been training since 1972 and teaching professionally since 1992, having taught hundreds of students from all walks of life how to empower themselves. Mr. Ray is world renown, in martial arts having traveled the world learning from famous masters of martial and spiritual traditions, spending countless hours in mountain temples, Dojo’s and gritty “back yard gyms” and teaching seminars to people in a variety of different countries. Mr. Ray also has years of experience as a correction officer, bouncer and security professional as well as being a survivor of many real life violent encounters. Mr. Ray has Black Belt or above grades in 8 different warrior traditions as well as being a certified Warrior Fitness Strength and Conditioning Coach…

(References available upon request)

Rick Ray’s Warrior Arts Academy/Bujinkan Makoto Dojo

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