Old School Battle Arts Warrior Training


Before contacting us read this page in full. Most of your questions will be answered on this page. If you contact us from this page and ask us a question already answered here, it will show that you do not pay attention and expect things to be spoon fed. Your inquiry will be ignored. We are not interested in adding such people to the fold. You have been warned…

We are an old school battle academy, a dinosaur in this modern world…

We have no interest in teaching you how to become the next UFC champ nor are we a commercial enterprise whose sole purpose is to make money. We do not teach kids (we make exceptions for some 14 year olds and over who are serious applicants) nor do we compete in patty cake tournaments.

We exist only as a club of like minded hearty, politically incorrect ,crusty old dogs who have a unified goal, hardcore old school training in the following warrior disciplines:

  • The discipline of the steel.
  • The discipline of the flesh.
  • The discipline of the spirit.

Our fighting hall is performance based and not information based. Therefore training is very focused on the attainment of skill and the improvement of skill over just trying to learn as many techniques as possible. 

When you learn a new technique you immediately go to work with a partner in order to develop functional skill as fast as possible. The training methods we use are as follows:

  1. Template training (intro to technique and perfection of form).
  2. Partner drills with progressive resistance.
  3. Equipment training (bags pads dummies etc…)
  4. Sparring (progressive from light to full contact) the crucible, to see what you can REALLY do when they fight back!

More about the three disciplines…

The discipline of the flesh

We explore the discipline of the flesh with the following three systems:

  • T.A.P. Tribal Arts Program
  • N.A.P. Ninja Arts Program
  • G.A.P. Grappling Arts Program

The T.A.P. program will give you functional stand up fighting skills very quickly and is the program that we recommend for people who want to learn how to fight in the street as fast as possible.

The N.A.P. program is much more complex and difficult to master but once mastered it is one of the best fighting systems known to man. It also will teach you more esoteric techniques such as escape and evasion, environmental training etc…

The G.A.P. program is exclusively a grappling program. It teaches you in the quickest manner possible how to get someone down to the ground, keep them there and break them there! It is a no gi program and does not rely on gripping cloths and takes into account strikes and weapons.

More coming soon…


6-7 pm TAP unarmed
7-8 pm TAP armed
6-8 pm Ninjutsu ( A )
8-9:30 pm No gi grappling
9:30-10 pm No gi Sparring
6-8 pm ground and pound
6-8 pm Ninjutsu ( B )
8-10 pm Tribal Arts
6-7:30 pm Integrated Grappling
7:30-8 pm Grappling Sparring
8-10 Tribal Arts
4-6pm Ninjutsu
6-8 pm Tribal Arts
4-6 pm Tribal Arts


Our teacher has 45 years of martial arts training experience and has professionally taught hundreds of students since 1992!

We do not currently teach children (only 14 and above) but we are open to all adults of sound mind and body who’s goals match our own.

Mission Statement:

  1. We train for the ability to be brutally functional when it counts.
  2. We train to become a highly skilled technician.
  3. We train to become spiritually balanced and physically healthy.

If this interests you please do not wait any longer to contact us. its very easy to get started training!

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