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The Bujinkan Makoto-An Dojo (A.K.A. Rick Ray’s Warrior Arts Academy) is an official branch dojo of the main Bujinkan Dojo in Noda-shi Prefecture Japan headed by the Kan-cho (president of the organization) Soke Masaaki Hatsumi. The Makoto-An (branch) of the Bujinkan Dojo is headed by Shidoshi Rick Ray (personal student of Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi) and fully licensed Bujinkan teacher (credentials/lineage and proof available upon request) Rick (Richard) Ray. Proof of authority to teach Bujinkan Arts

We are located at 5301 Hauserman Road Suite #35 Parma Ohio 44130 At the Parma Armory

Home of Bujinkan Makoto-An Dojo
Our Location Parma Armory

We primarily teach Ninjutsu-Ninpo/Budo Taijutsu as taught through the International Bujinkan Dojo Honbu (main school) with a raw combative flavor. We are NOT a larping Dojo, we spar often very hard (when and if the student is ready and never before that) and are primarily concerned with urban and rural combative and survival skills for our modern world.

In addition we teach the following arts:

  • Makoto Ryu Jujutsu (the only place in the world to teach this art) which is a blended system of grappling compiled for real life and not sporting situations
  • Makoto Ryu Stick and Blade Fighting (based primarily on Kali/Escrima)
  • Makoto Ryu Street Fighting System (based primarily on Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do as well as other arts)
  • Meditation and Mind Training
  • Martial and Spiritual Philosophy
  • Warrior Strength and Conditioning

Our teacher has 45 years of martial arts training experience and has professionally taught hundreds of students since 1992!

We do not currently teach children but we are open to all adults of sound mind and body who’s goals match our own.

Mission Statement:

  1. We train for the ability to be brutally functional when it counts.
  2. We train to become a highly skilled technician.
  3. We train to become spiritually balanced and physically healthy.

If this interests you please do not wait any longer to contact us. its very easy to get started training!

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